2 Weeks Off

So now all that I have to concentrate on for the next two weeks is work! Which honestly is a welcome distraction! I need a break from placement!

Today I found out that the company I work for is changing hands management wise! Which means I have been given 4 weeks notice that I will no longer have a job! Which I am beginning to panic about!

I have got some things in the pipeline which I am working on but now they really need to be sorted out a lot quicker than they are currently going! But hopefully I will be able to sort things out and everything will start looking up!


Last Day of Spoke Placement!

So today was my last day on my spoke placement, and let me tell you….I am so glad! I really haven’t enjoyed my time on this ward! I have no interest in pursuing a career in this area!

I worked with my mentor again today and the day went pretty much the same as the other days I have had on the ward!

  • Personal Care
  • Medications
  • Admitting Patients
  • Discharging Patients
  • Answering Phone Calls

Although the shift ended on a different note! I had to sit down with my mentor and have a review of my progress throughout my Spoke placement! Please bare in mind, I have only worked 3 shifts on this ward!

The end result was, my mentor didn’t believe that I showed any initiative, motivation or willingness to learn, which has really knocked my confidence! She also mentioned that it seemed as though I didn’t have any confidence in the work that I was doing!

But on a positive note! I had my last assignment returned to me with my grade! I managed to obtain 95% :O I honestly can’t believe it!!!!!!!

Placement – 07:30-19:00

Another day of placement! After being really poorly for a week, I have finally managed to make it back into placement!

My mentor was off today which meant I worked alongside another lovely nurse, who was incredibly supportive and happy to answer any questions that I had!

Today consisted of a lot of personal care again, which I don’t mind as you are able to build up a relationship with the patient more while you are helping them.

I was also able to help with the medication rounds with the nurse I was working with today! Had chance to get an insight more into each patients individualised care! As well as what the plan was in regards to their future care and discharge plans.

I had the chance to help with admitting and discharging patients to the ward and helping with the TTO’s (To Take Out Medication). It is always rewarding discharging a patient as they always thank you! it makes you feel as though you have made a difference to their care journey, by supporting them through the their road to recovery!

Another aspect that was different from my hub placement was answering calls, taking messages and relaying information!

Overall, it was an interesting day but it still didn’t pique my interest!


P.S I’ve also noticed that nurses can be quite bitchy!

Nursing Society Committee Meeting!

So today, even though I was still feeling diabolical, I pushed through to attend the committee meeting! I was elected as treasurer for the committee! 🙂

We talked about all of the events for the nursing students that we have coming up over the next year! (You really don’t realise how much work goes into it all!)

Delegating tasks to individuals! Ready for our meeting next month! (If any of the nursing students that are part of the society want to attend the meeting to give their ideas, they are more than welcome!)


So I woke up this morning and felt as though I had been hit by a bus!

The frustrating thing with working in a new hospital environment is all of the germs that are introduced that my body is trying to fight off! So I ended up missing my second day today as I just couldn’t get out of bed!

First Day – Spoke Placement

Hey everyone!

So today was my first day on my Spoke Placement which will run from today 4th June to Friday 15th June!

Lucky me to have placement on a ward that only offer long shifts that run from 07:00 – 19:30 or 19:00-07:30. 12 and half hour days!

This could be seen as a positive or a negative though! I suppose we’ll find out soon enough whether I like long shifts on this ward or not. (Long shifts mean less days on placement!)

So the ward I have my spoke on is a hepatology (liver/gastro) ward. Meaning I will be exposed to a lot of people that suffer with liver illnesses! Most of which are caused by excessive alcohol consumption! A lot of the patients that have been admitted onto this ward are very poorly!

Initially my day started off with a lot of personal care! Helping patients bath and/or shower, and a few bed washes as well, depending on their ability.

Around midday, I was able to work more closely with my mentor who allowed me to observe how they administer medication. Which surprised me a lot as it is very different to my hub placement!

Throughout the day, I was given many tasks to do, including admitting patients, writing in patient care plans and walking them up and down the ward. Towards mid-afternoon I was given some ‘Welcome’ paperwork to complete; I had to find definitions of different illnesses that I could potentially see whilst working on the ward and different medications that are used regularly and what they are used for.

Overall, after my first day on spoke placement, I think it is safe to say that I don’t have any inclination to return to an area like this when i graduate as its not an area I have an interest in. Most of the nurses seem lovely, but looks can be deceiving….


Hey everyone,

I’m so sorry i’ve been MIA for a while, it has been very hectic recently with placement, uni and assignments 😦

I will be starting to update regularly again and document my thoughts, feelings and opinions on how my university career is going.

Thanks for understanding guys!! ❤

Theatre day…no in-depth information

Today is the day I went to Theatre! I have to say I loved it and found it extremely interesting…

The patient that I was following throughout their procedure, was admitted onto the ward by me this morning. I spoke with her about her procedure and preparation for her surgery.

As she went in to prep for the procedure I was able to observe the anaethetist administering the general anaesthetic to the patient and watched as her body began to succumb to the GA.

Once in the theatre the consultant began the scheduled procedure that was supposed to last 2 and a half hours…although in the end it took an hour and a half longer than planned.

Once the surgery was concluded I was able to follow the patient and anaethetist to the recovery room to bring her round from the GA.

The surgery was a success and I enjoyed being able to observe it…definitely something I would he interested in persuing more!