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Welcome! My name is Rebekah Michelson, and currently I am a first year student nurse, enrolled at the University of Derby. I am studying an adult nursing degree and have completed an access to nursing course before embarking on my university education.

From a young age I have been very interested in the healthcare sector. When I was around 13 years of age I began to help my dad throughout his health issues – both mental health and physical health. All I can remember as a child is wanting to make a difference and to care for the people around me.

Although, at school leaving age I made the decision to pursue further education in Forensic Science, as I had excelled in science throughout my secondary school career. Unfortunately, half way through my Forensic Science course I made the decision to leave and move into full time employment. – I just wasn’t enjoying the course.

After taking a few years out of education and working full time, I made the decision to return to education to pursue a career in nursing. I was met with a few reservations from family members and my long-term partner, as they were concerned that I was going to begin this journey and then drop out through the stress.

Regardless of this I decided that I was determined to complete this journey and that’s where this story picks up…


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading about my journey through nursing!