So today was my last day on my spoke placement, and let me tell you….I am so glad! I really haven’t enjoyed my time on this ward! I have no interest in pursuing a career in this area!

I worked with my mentor again today and the day went pretty much the same as the other days I have had on the ward!

  • Personal Care
  • Medications
  • Admitting Patients
  • Discharging Patients
  • Answering Phone Calls

Although the shift ended on a different note! I had to sit down with my mentor and have a review of my progress throughout my Spoke placement! Please bare in mind, I have only worked 3 shifts on this ward!

The end result was, my mentor didn’t believe that I showed any initiative, motivation or willingness to learn, which has really knocked my confidence! She also mentioned that it seemed as though I didn’t have any confidence in the work that I was doing!

But on a positive note! I had my last assignment returned to me with my grade! I managed to obtain 95% :O I honestly can’t believe it!!!!!!!

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