Another day of placement! After being really poorly for a week, I have finally managed to make it back into placement!

My mentor was off today which meant I worked alongside another lovely nurse, who was incredibly supportive and happy to answer any questions that I had!

Today consisted of a lot of personal care again, which I don’t mind as you are able to build up a relationship with the patient more while you are helping them.

I was also able to help with the medication rounds with the nurse I was working with today! Had chance to get an insight more into each patients individualised care! As well as what the plan was in regards to their future care and discharge plans.

I had the chance to help with admitting and discharging patients to the ward and helping with the TTO’s (To Take Out Medication). It is always rewarding discharging a patient as they always thank you! it makes you feel as though you have made a difference to their care journey, by supporting them through the their road to recovery!

Another aspect that was different from my hub placement was answering calls, taking messages and relaying information!

Overall, it was an interesting day but it still didn’t pique my interest!


P.S I’ve also noticed that nurses can be quite bitchy!

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