Today has been an exhausting day but definitely rewarding. Started my placement shift at 0700 meaning I had to leave a 0600! I met my associated mentor today that I got on OK with but I didn’t have a very good time when working with her. I did a lot of observations again today and finally getting used to the process that is in place. I was also able to help with a few admissions onto the ward, although there is a lot of paperwork involved in it which was confusing to get my head round, so hopefully when i’m back on Friday I will be able to get more practice and become more confident with it. I was also able to watch the removal of a post-op vacuum drain, to be honest I was a little squeamish but this is something that I haven’t experienced before. It was interesting to watch and learn how the removal was done. I aided in taking patients down to be transferred to theatre. As well as warding them back to the ward post-op and readmitting them. Later on in the day I then observed one of the Registered Nurses (RN’s) complete discharge paperwork to get an idea of what happens at that point. After today I am feeling a bit more confident when it comes to doing observations and slowly feeling as though I can ask questions when I need to.

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