Today was my first day at placement and the first thing I did was meet my mentor and she is absolutely lovely. She was extremely helpful and encouraged me a lot. I listened to my first handover and if i’m 100% honest I felt as though I was in over my head, mainly because I didn’t understand much of the terminology that was used throughout the handover. I followed a patient down to have a CT scan which was really interesting for me to watch and find out more information about. I got to observe how the CT scan worked and was also shown through the different images produced by the scan and how they make the things they are looking for to stand out. I started to do observations (Blood Pressure, Oxygen Levels, Heart Rate etc.) and interacting with patients. I warded a patient from the recovery room post-op back onto the ward with the help of a porter, and then I also helped to readmit the back onto the ward. Overall, it was an amazing day and i’m looking forward to the remainder of my placement.

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