Today was my first day back to Uni after a well needed Christmas break! I was definitely excited to get back to furthering my nursing journey, but had no idea what to expect.

After arriving at Uni, I discovered that the majority of the other student nurses studying alongside me were out on placement. There was a small group of 9 people who were in Uni throughout January.

We were introduced to the ‘module’ that we would be taking part in over the four weeks before going to our first placement. We were told that we would be organising a parachute visit to identify health needs within a local community that our lecturers would decide, and the area they decided to send us to was…NORMANTON.

After spending the day learning how we would carry out this task and what we would need to complete before our next lecture in Uni, we then spent some time organising who would research what and when we were going to visit the area.

We have till next Tuesday (9th Jan 2018) to complete this task and put together a power point presentation to present our findings…

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