Time off placement…!

So today is the beginning of my second week away from placement!

Last week was a good week. My other half was home for the majority of the week and we had his sister and her partner stay with us and spent the day doing a few things, just generally talking some time out.

However, I have had a rough week as well! I have to work part-time even when on placement so I am able to financially support myself! It has definitely been a strain! I found out last week that the company I work for is selling up and moving on to a new business venture, meaning I have been extremely stressed about having no income coming in! Luckily, I have managed to find a bar job which is part-time and i’m hoping it will be flexible. If it isn’t then I will have to leave and find something that would be more suitable! It has been a very emotional week but I am beginning to feel a lot more positive about things!

I’m so lucky to have such an amazing support system around me! My partner is there in an instant, whenever I need support! Even with him working away from home, around 5 hours away in Wales! His sister has been very supportive and making me feel as though the situation I have found myself in, will get better and a lot of people will go through the same thing! I also have my family, especially my dad! He reminds me everyday that he is proud of me and shouts it from the rooftops whenever he can!

Bring on the next week of a break from placement, working my notice at my current job and a few shifts at the pub! Hopefully everything will get better and fingers crossed…stay better..!

Thank you all for the continued supported! Remember if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as i can 🙂

First Day Off!

So today has been my first day off placement for the next 2 weeks! Let’s just say I am catching up on some missed sleep and doing odd bits around the house!

Over the next couple of weeks i’m going to take some time to talk about how i’ve been dealing with the mental and emotional side of nursing, especially when things get hard! If you guys have any suggestions or questions that you would like me to answer then please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

I think one of the first topics that i’m going to talk about it coping with mental health, as since the beginning of 2018 I have been struggling with my own! I’ve learnt a few coping strategies along the way and i’d love to share them with you!

I think i’m also going to look at misconceptions of nursing as well! If  any of you have any that you’d like be to include just let me know!

I also want to say thank you to you all for you continued support so far!

2 Weeks Off

So now all that I have to concentrate on for the next two weeks is work! Which honestly is a welcome distraction! I need a break from placement!

Today I found out that the company I work for is changing hands management wise! Which means I have been given 4 weeks notice that I will no longer have a job! Which I am beginning to panic about!

I have got some things in the pipeline which I am working on but now they really need to be sorted out a lot quicker than they are currently going! But hopefully I will be able to sort things out and everything will start looking up!


Last Day of Spoke Placement!

So today was my last day on my spoke placement, and let me tell you….I am so glad! I really haven’t enjoyed my time on this ward! I have no interest in pursuing a career in this area!

I worked with my mentor again today and the day went pretty much the same as the other days I have had on the ward!

  • Personal Care
  • Medications
  • Admitting Patients
  • Discharging Patients
  • Answering Phone Calls

Although the shift ended on a different note! I had to sit down with my mentor and have a review of my progress throughout my Spoke placement! Please bare in mind, I have only worked 3 shifts on this ward!

The end result was, my mentor didn’t believe that I showed any initiative, motivation or willingness to learn, which has really knocked my confidence! She also mentioned that it seemed as though I didn’t have any confidence in the work that I was doing!

But on a positive note! I had my last assignment returned to me with my grade! I managed to obtain 95% :O I honestly can’t believe it!!!!!!!

Placement – 07:30-19:00

Another day of placement! After being really poorly for a week, I have finally managed to make it back into placement!

My mentor was off today which meant I worked alongside another lovely nurse, who was incredibly supportive and happy to answer any questions that I had!

Today consisted of a lot of personal care again, which I don’t mind as you are able to build up a relationship with the patient more while you are helping them.

I was also able to help with the medication rounds with the nurse I was working with today! Had chance to get an insight more into each patients individualised care! As well as what the plan was in regards to their future care and discharge plans.

I had the chance to help with admitting and discharging patients to the ward and helping with the TTO’s (To Take Out Medication). It is always rewarding discharging a patient as they always thank you! it makes you feel as though you have made a difference to their care journey, by supporting them through the their road to recovery!

Another aspect that was different from my hub placement was answering calls, taking messages and relaying information!

Overall, it was an interesting day but it still didn’t pique my interest!


P.S I’ve also noticed that nurses can be quite bitchy!

Nursing Society Committee Meeting!

So today, even though I was still feeling diabolical, I pushed through to attend the committee meeting! I was elected as treasurer for the committee! 🙂

We talked about all of the events for the nursing students that we have coming up over the next year! (You really don’t realise how much work goes into it all!)

Delegating tasks to individuals! Ready for our meeting next month! (If any of the nursing students that are part of the society want to attend the meeting to give their ideas, they are more than welcome!)


So I woke up this morning and felt as though I had been hit by a bus!

The frustrating thing with working in a new hospital environment is all of the germs that are introduced that my body is trying to fight off! So I ended up missing my second day today as I just couldn’t get out of bed!

First Day – Spoke Placement

Hey everyone!

So today was my first day on my Spoke Placement which will run from today 4th June to Friday 15th June!

Lucky me to have placement on a ward that only offer long shifts that run from 07:00 – 19:30 or 19:00-07:30. 12 and half hour days!

This could be seen as a positive or a negative though! I suppose we’ll find out soon enough whether I like long shifts on this ward or not. (Long shifts mean less days on placement!)

So the ward I have my spoke on is a hepatology (liver/gastro) ward. Meaning I will be exposed to a lot of people that suffer with liver illnesses! Most of which are caused by excessive alcohol consumption! A lot of the patients that have been admitted onto this ward are very poorly!

Initially my day started off with a lot of personal care! Helping patients bath and/or shower, and a few bed washes as well, depending on their ability.

Around midday, I was able to work more closely with my mentor who allowed me to observe how they administer medication. Which surprised me a lot as it is very different to my hub placement!

Throughout the day, I was given many tasks to do, including admitting patients, writing in patient care plans and walking them up and down the ward. Towards mid-afternoon I was given some ‘Welcome’ paperwork to complete; I had to find definitions of different illnesses that I could potentially see whilst working on the ward and different medications that are used regularly and what they are used for.

Overall, after my first day on spoke placement, I think it is safe to say that I don’t have any inclination to return to an area like this when i graduate as its not an area I have an interest in. Most of the nurses seem lovely, but looks can be deceiving….


Hey everyone,

I’m so sorry i’ve been MIA for a while, it has been very hectic recently with placement, uni and assignments 😦

I will be starting to update regularly again and document my thoughts, feelings and opinions on how my university career is going.

Thanks for understanding guys!! ❤

Theatre day…no in-depth information

Today is the day I went to Theatre! I have to say I loved it and found it extremely interesting…

The patient that I was following throughout their procedure, was admitted onto the ward by me this morning. I spoke with her about her procedure and preparation for her surgery.

As she went in to prep for the procedure I was able to observe the anaethetist administering the general anaesthetic to the patient and watched as her body began to succumb to the GA.

Once in the theatre the consultant began the scheduled procedure that was supposed to last 2 and a half hours…although in the end it took an hour and a half longer than planned.

Once the surgery was concluded I was able to follow the patient and anaethetist to the recovery room to bring her round from the GA.

The surgery was a success and I enjoyed being able to observe it…definitely something I would he interested in persuing more!

Another 14 hour shift…

Another long day today, but each long shift I do seems to become easier in regards to my exhaustion 😂! I was encouraged to help with the drug rounds throughout the day – a lot more complicated than I thought it would be!

I have been booked in to go to theatre tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be ok and won’t get squeamish!

Monday 5th Feb

Just an early shift today to start week two of placement! Considering generally I am not a morning person I feel like I have accomplished a lot today! I admitted my first patient to the ward today – honestly didn’t realise how much paperwork is involved 😂

Hopefully I will be able to book onto theatre day tomorrow to follow a patient through from admission to discharge.

14 hour shift…

Another 14 hour shift again today, to finalise my 1st week of placement! I seem to be settling in ok so far and I feel like I am learning something new everyday. I’m looking forward to the weekend away from placement to reflect on everything that I have done this week. I’m ready for next week to start and I am looking forward to learning more throughout my placement!


Today has been an exhausting day but definitely rewarding. Started my placement shift at 0700 meaning I had to leave a 0600! I met my associated mentor today that I got on OK with but I didn’t have a very good time when working with her. I did a lot of observations again today and finally getting used to the process that is in place. I was also able to help with a few admissions onto the ward, although there is a lot of paperwork involved in it which was confusing to get my head round, so hopefully when i’m back on Friday I will be able to get more practice and become more confident with it. I was also able to watch the removal of a post-op vacuum drain, to be honest I was a little squeamish but this is something that I haven’t experienced before. It was interesting to watch and learn how the removal was done. I aided in taking patients down to be transferred to theatre. As well as warding them back to the ward post-op and readmitting them. Later on in the day I then observed one of the Registered Nurses (RN’s) complete discharge paperwork to get an idea of what happens at that point. After today I am feeling a bit more confident when it comes to doing observations and slowly feeling as though I can ask questions when I need to.

Trampolining Club

At the beginning of the academic year I decided that I was going to sign up to the trampolining society that runs through the uni. This was mainly to to allow me time to relax and take time out for myself. Since Christmas the society has organised for us to travel to our coaches club which is located at the Derby Arena. Tonight I worked on a few moves that I had been struggling to 100% achieve and I was then asked whether I wanted to take part in the upcoming Uni Competition – which I have been entered for. After this I managed to remove the crash mat from my front somersault which is something that I have been working towards for a while. Overall, I am starting to feel a lot more confident in my ability and 100% enjoying myself.

First Day of Placement

Today was my first day at placement and the first thing I did was meet my mentor and she is absolutely lovely. She was extremely helpful and encouraged me a lot. I listened to my first handover and if i’m 100% honest I felt as though I was in over my head, mainly because I didn’t understand much of the terminology that was used throughout the handover. I followed a patient down to have a CT scan which was really interesting for me to watch and find out more information about. I got to observe how the CT scan worked and was also shown through the different images produced by the scan and how they make the things they are looking for to stand out. I started to do observations (Blood Pressure, Oxygen Levels, Heart Rate etc.) and interacting with patients. I warded a patient from the recovery room post-op back onto the ward with the help of a porter, and then I also helped to readmit the back onto the ward. Overall, it was an amazing day and i’m looking forward to the remainder of my placement.

Live Twitter Chat

This morning was the final task of our simulated spoke module. We had to log in to Twitter to answer any questions that people had about our proposed healthcare initiative. We successfully completed the Live Twitter Chat and gained a lot of positive feedback from the other people that were involved in asking us the questions.

Hospital Induction

Today half of the Sept 17 cohort had to attend an induction day at the hospital. It was an extremely long day 0800-1630. We finally received our NHS Trust badges to prove that we are linked to a Trust within the NHS. My favourite topic in the induction had to be the fire safety. Only because the fire safety officer that talked us through it made it interesting to listen to and showed us how to genuinely use a fire extinguisher if it was ever needed.

WordPress Meet Up

After the successful Dragon’s Den Pitch, the group went for a break and met up afterwards to discuss the details for the WordPress website. We gathered selfies/images of each individual to add to our about me page. As well as getting each individual to write a paragraph about themselves. We worked through the the reflections and adaptations of our health proposal and due to the feedback we received as a group we didn’t need to update much of the information that was already on the WordPress website.

Dragon’s Den Pitch

We powered through out healthcare proposal in front of the ‘Dragons’. We were all very confident in speaking throughout the pitch and everyone did well. We had planned answers to most of the questions that we had been asked. The feedback that we got a very positive and the main negative was the ambitiousness of the project as it was such a large area to focus on. Fortunately, we managed to secure the amount of money that we asked for, as well as an extra £5,000 (hypothetical money). In return all of the Dragon’s decided to team up together to be part of our plan. Overall, it was a successful day!

Simulated Group Meeting

We reviewed all of the research that had been done over the weekend, finalising all of the details that for the WordPress website that still needed adding. We then spent time delegating the final speaking roles for the Dragon’s Den Pitch. We discussed the financial figures for the first finished hard copy of the pitch which was then submitted. We then looked at the equipment that we would need to implement out proposed healthcare initiative. We tried to make sure we covered everything that we could see being asked at the pitch to make sure we were ready for any questions they may ask us. Finally we also double checked all of the advertisement resources to ensure all of the correct information was easily accessible on the resources.

Visiting my Placement

This morning I decided it was time to phone my placement to see whether they could tell me what my off duty was for my first week whilst on placement. It surprised me when the placement coordinator asked me to go in today for a meeting and a tour of the facilities available in the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital I was very nervous to meet the lady that I had spoken to, but when she came out to meet me, she put me at ease straight away. She is such a lovely person!

I wasn’t the only student nurse there that was waiting to find out more information about the hours they would be working on placement. In total there were 3 of us. Two from Derby and one from Nottingham.

We all sat down and had a conversation to break the ice and feel more relaxed around each other. We then passed across all of our relevant paperwork and got down to the information that we all wanted to know.

Unfortunately, we were only told our first shift for our placement as it is up to our mentors’ when we will be on shift. This placement use a team mentoring system which means we are assigned a mentor, an assistant mentor and a befriender.

Whilst having our tour around the hospital, we were told by almost all of the registered nurses that we are very lucky to have been given this hospital as our first placement of first year! This is mainly because it has more than one speciality under one roof!

Now I am extremely excited to start my placement, looking forward to my late shift, 13:00-21:00. Roll on placement!

Finalising our proposal

Today the whole group met up at uni to try to finalise the details for our Dragons’ Den proposal on Tuesday 26th. We had the intention of resolving any minute details that hadn’t yet been decided on. Although, this is didn’t work out the way we initially planned, we have now ended up with more questions than answers. It is definitely not as easy to decide unanimously as we thought it would be.

After a coffee break, the remaining part of the group decided we would spend a little longer trying to divide up the tasks that need completing before we next meet up! We seem to finally be making our way through all of the tasks on our to do list.

To do…

  • Research finances
  • Research activities
  • Complete proposal form
  • Create advertising resources and logo
  • Create leaflet

Hopefully the majority of this will be completed before we next meet up on Monday!

Visit to Normanton

So today my group embarked on our parachute visit to the Normanton area in Derby. Our aim was to ask the general public, healthcare professionals and the police force the areas of health that could be improved on in the area!

We definitely had a lot of correlating answers, with the majority of the population agreeing on the same areas needing to be focused on.

All we need to do now is to finish our power point to present our findings and gain feedback for how we approached the task that had been set for us.

Back to Uni

Today was my first day back to Uni after a well needed Christmas break! I was definitely excited to get back to furthering my nursing journey, but had no idea what to expect.

After arriving at Uni, I discovered that the majority of the other student nurses studying alongside me were out on placement. There was a small group of 9 people who were in Uni throughout January.

We were introduced to the ‘module’ that we would be taking part in over the four weeks before going to our first placement. We were told that we would be organising a parachute visit to identify health needs within a local community that our lecturers would decide, and the area they decided to send us to was…NORMANTON.

After spending the day learning how we would carry out this task and what we would need to complete before our next lecture in Uni, we then spent some time organising who would research what and when we were going to visit the area.

We have till next Tuesday (9th Jan 2018) to complete this task and put together a power point presentation to present our findings…

2nd Year – 1st Patient Death


Hey lovelies,

Today has been a difficult day! One of the patients, that I had helped to treated passed away this morning! The patient was a very poorly individual and since I have got home and had chance to digest the events of the day, it has been playing on my mind!

Death is a difficult thing, especially for the relatives of the patient.


It is also difficult for the healthcare team that take care of the patient! Time helps you to digest events but sometimes it takes longer than others…

*Do you want me to discuss my top tips on dealing with patient deaths?*

If you do leave me a comment of drop me an email! If you have any tips feel free to share them and I’ll include it all in my top tips! 😘

Assessment Results…


Hmm…no results yet! Hopefully we will get them on Monday!

I’ll keep you updated…


Hey lovelies,

Received an email today from the lecturer grading our assessment to give us our results, and if I’m honest it’s kind of a bittersweet moment!

Good Point

We passed our assessment, with the best feedback we have received after all of our attempts!

Bad Point

If we had passed 1st time with the presentation we gave for our 3rd attempt, we would have achieved 63% but because it was the 3rd attempt it has been capped at 40%


If everyone pulled their weight and did their work in the first place for the 1st attempt then we wouldn’t be in this situation! Although, a pass is still a pass!

Week 1 – DONE


Hey lovelies,

I have finished my 1st week of placement for 2nd second year and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience!

Worked 24hours this week which is an easy transition back into placement! Getting used to being back in the swing of things again! It’s been an interesting week and I am ready to kick off week 2 at 0730 hours tomorrow morning!

Wish me luck…

2nd Year Placement – 1st Day

24/09/2018 – am

Got a busy day ahead today! 1st day of 2nd year placement!

For the next six weeks I’ll be in a community hospital helping to treat elderly patients!

  • Palliative Care
  • Stroke Rehab
  • Demetia Patients
  • Parkinson’s Patients

Lets see how today goes….

24/09/2018 – pm

Just got home after my 1st shift! Been interesting but overwhelming to day the least! Going to take me a whole to get used to the routine of the ward and all of the patients but I have really enjoyed today! Hopefully the next few shifts I’ll find my feet and not be so overwhelmed! Looking forward to the next 6 weeks…

Assessment Day..!

21/09/2018 – am

The group is meeting up today 2 hours before we are due to present to the lecturers! We are meeting early to finalise everything and run through it before we present!

I literally have everything crossed!

We really need to pass this time as it’s our 3rd and final attempt….if we don’t then I’ll have to reevaluate my career path…🤢

Update to follow….

21/09/2018 – pm

Assessment Day – DONE

Finally finished presenting! I think it went better than the previous 2 attempts 🤞🏻

Now just got to wait for our grades to be posted, which hopefully will be out next Friday – 28/09/2018.

But we’ll have to wait and see…

Second Year Starts Now..!

Hey lovelies! Sorry I’ve been quiet and not posted for a while! I’ve been enjoying my 3 weeks summer leave! I haven’t done too much just spent a lot of time taking time out for myself and seeing my partner!

Now the FUN begins! Two weeks of induction, including training again! Manual handling and Basic Life Support!

As for first year I have passed 3 out of 4 modules! Meaning I still have one to go, which is the group presentation…3rd and final attempt!

Grades for 1st year – 50%, 60% and 79%.

My group assessment is on the 21st September, so fingers crossed that everything goes well…

I’ll keep you all updated..!😘